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"Simply this and nothing more."

19th Century Advertising

Newspaper publishers recognized that retailers were willing to spend a lot of money to attract attention to their business establishments. As stores increased in size and sales, advertising announcements expanded down the column, spanned adjoining columns and eventually filled entire newspaper pages. Advertisements consisting of a central catchy phrase or slogan, as F.H. clearly demonstrated, became the mode in the 1890s/early 1900s. 

From the archives...

Quotes from our founder and great-grandfather, F.H.Gillingham from advertisements he created for The Vermont Standard for the year 1891:

"Simply this and nothing more."

"If a man has his choice he takes the highway every time. There's daylight, safety, comfort in it."

"We prefer you to be agreeably surprised."

"We have something you want, or will want someday, or some other day and it will pay you to come and get it now. Do not keep yourself waiting."

"We talk just as we feel and feel just as we talk."

"We are right in it! Right in the city; in the very midst of the swim. You can always find us right in front of the procession making music for others to march by."


F.H. Gillingham & Sons is located at 16 Elm Street in Woodstock, Vermont. 

Since 1886 in New England's quintessential village often called "the prettiest small town in America." A truly unbelievable Vermont general store experience.

Featured on television on WGBH's  "Weekends with Yankee" and recently spotlighted in Yankee Magazine, The Boston Globe, Country Living Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler, as "the place to visit" while in Woodstock, VT.


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