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I Had One of Those...

I remember going into Gillingham’s with my mom years ago and always making the priority of our trip: a visit to the toy room. Some things I remember being at the top of my list were Tiddly Winks, a kaleidoscope, a sock monkey, and an ink and stamp set. I knew if I aced that math test, or helped with chores at home, I just might be the proud owner of one of them.

One of the best parts about getting to buy the toys for Gillie’s is seeing and hearing people’s reactions, as they peruse through the toy room.  A kid falling in love with a stuffed animal and carrying it round the store while their parents shop and then not leaving until its theirs – is a true joy to watch. An elderly person reminiscing about a toy they remember having when they were younger is always fun, too. We strive to keep the perfect mix of old and new; for past and current generations. The toys your parents may have had, like a Slinky, Lincoln Logs, or a pull around chatter phone can be found in our store along with “slime” and other recent toy crazes. In other words, there is something for everyone.


“Honey! Look! They have Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots!”
“No way. I used to build these Balsa gliders all the time with my dad!”
“Mystery Date?!  I haven’t seen this game in years!”

I guess that’s what they mean when they say, “It’s the little things.” So, whether you’re searching for the perfect gift, or just taking a trip down memory lane, we hope you enjoy your visit to Gillingham's.


I started working at Gillingham’s in 2015. Since then, I’ve learned so much about business management, social media strategies, and marketing, all while taking on the role of Assistant Manager. You can find me doing just about anything in the store - from buying toys, to shipping mail orders, to taking photos for our Instagram and Facebook. (Links below) Photography is one of my biggest passions, so being able to have that be part of my job is pretty special. Other hobbies outside of work include painting and playing guitar.  I am enrolled at Cornell University’s Nutrition Studies, and enjoy coming up with yummy plant-based recipes and cooking for family and friends based on what I have learned!

Annie Flower
Woodstock, VT
F.H. Gillingham & Sons Team Member 



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