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Co-operation, Team, Success

Co-operation: “Defined as concurrent effort or labor, is one of the principles which govern our actions in the conduct of our business, and is undoubtedly one of the chief causes of our success.”F.H. Gillingham

Co-operation as defined by F.H. Gillingham (F.H.) can be found in one of the many flyers that were once placed in local mailboxes around Woodstock. These flyers were filled with quirky phrases that seemed to be a trademark of F.H. and his advertising. The flyer titled “Co-operation” along with its definition still rings true in the establishment today. F.H. believed that to be successful as a business, we must recognize the mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the salesperson;
“…it is necessary that each party should have faith and confidence in one another…”

F.H. also saw the immense power of teamwork. Not just teamwork between the customer and the salesperson, but teamwork within a close knit staff with the ability to respect, communicate, and get things done together - a staff that is much like the one that inhabits Gillingham’s today. I am hesitant, though, to label us as just a staff, but rather a support group that acts more similarly as a family. A group of people who cares deeply for one another as well as for the overall success of Gillingham’s - our own Gillingham family, one may say. There is no doubt that this is exactly what F.H. imagined for the future of his establishment. This family is composed of a variety of exuberant people, all with different and complementary strengths, who are as willing to help a customer, as they are willing to help one another.

This blog written by:

Rylee R. Ewald
St. Lawrence University ‘20
Cavendish, Vermont
F.H. Gillingham & Sons Team Member


Stop by F.H. Gillingham & Sons and meet our team:
Jireh Billings, Frank Billings: Great-Grandsons of F.H. Gillingham
Adrianne Flower: General Manager
Supported by: Annie, Bella, Betsy, Jackie, Josh, Maddie, Rylee, Sarah,
Susie, Tanya, and Tom
132 years of teamwork, customer service, and family

F.H. Gillingham & Sons is located at 16 Elm Street in Woodstock, Vermont. 
Since 1886 in New England's quintessential village often called "the prettiest small town in America." A truly unbelievable Vermont general store experience.
Featured on television on WGBH's  "Weekends with Yankee" and recently spotlighted in Yankee Magazine, The Boston Globe, Country Living Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler, as "the place to visit" while in Woodstock, VT.




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