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F.H. Gillingham & Sons
One of the Oldest Same Family-Run General Stores

The size and shape of Woodstock, Vermont, was quite different in 1886 when Frank Henry Gillingham opened his store that stood in the heart of this small New England town. Reverently, the community has preserved the physical buildings and the spiritual essence of an earlier day. Located in the village center is F.H. Gillingham & Sons General Store. The faces of the townsfolk may have changed and the store's inventory may have evolved, but the family running the store has remained the same. Today's owners are descendants of both F.H. Gillingham and Franklin Billings. Frank and Jireh Billings proudly carry on the family tradition that their great-grandfather started over 130 years ago. They still back everything they sell with his ironclad guarantee:

"Your money's worth or your money back."

Frank Henry Gillingham (F.H.) & Dutch in Plymouth, VT

1910 Employee Picture
Front row, left to right: Frank St. Cyr, Harold Washburn
Back row, left to right: Mr. Murdock, Clarence Prior, George Haynes, Clarence Coffin

The Otis Elevator

The nail bins built in the store in 1886

1907 delivery of molasses into the cellar

Mr. St. Cyr, 1915

Fishing on Elm Street

Delivery Wagon

 NCR Cash Register purchased on September 5, 1894

  Hatch Store which became Gillingham Store