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Decadent Pairings

Spring conjures up a feeling of "wonderfully simple." Our senses awaken to the sounds of early morning birds singing their announcement of a day filled with, yes, wonderfully simple experiences. At F.H. Gillingham & Sons, our staff is excited for the task of taking simple ingredients and pairing them with extraordinary pantry items.

Blake Hill showcases an out-of-this-world chutney: Cranberry & Orange. Alongside a slice of freshly baked bread and Billings Farm Sweet Cheddar, this delightfully rich and fruity chutney raises the bar to a new level. In the mood for a stellar combination of brie and fruit? Stonewall Kitchen's Old Farmhouse Chutney atop a wheel of brie baked in flaky puff pastry makes a lovely presentation to any rustic table setting. We suggest a beautiful French wine to set the mood.

When perusing the specialty and local food areas of our general store, be sure to take home a sampling of our fine cheeses. Shelburne Farms Cheddar packs a punch with a creamy end that words cannot describe. Crowley makes a distinctly aromatic smoked cheddar - a perfect pairing to a porter, stout, or smoked beer. The choices are endless, and we're here to help you plan a wonderful party, for a crowd or just for two.

This new season is an ideal time to bring the market to your tables. Inquire about exquisite jams, chutneys, jellies, and stop by often for our tastings. Cheers!

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