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Gillingham's Famous St. Emilion Macaroons

$ 22.99

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Pure decadence,  need we say more? Light, chewy and sweet with an exquisite flavor - made especially for us. This is our favorite cookie, and for more than five decades our “Macaroon Man” and his “Macaroonary” has been turning the profits from these macaroons into private school education for needy children from troubled homes. Our all-natural honey almond macaroons are gluten free, and contain no flour, shortening or leavening of any kind. Store them in the freezer, then heat them briefly, in a microwave or a conventional oven, and they’ll just melt in your mouth. Wonderful with coffee, tea, champagne or ice cream, or by themselves as a selfish indulgence. Presented in 10oz red gift tin or plastic tub. Approx. 16-18 pieces.


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