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westminster crackers





Westminster Crackers

The best American cracker since 1828.  True New England flavor is captured in each little cracker.  Firm and flaky with a wonderful flavor.  All Natural, no preservatives.

Oyster Crackers 8oz $3.95
Square Crackers 6oz


boves of vermont    


Bove's Of Vermont

Made with fresh, all natural ingredients.  No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  No added sugar.  Available in Marinara, Mushroom & Wine, and Vodka Tomato.  26oz Jars.   Price each $7.95

MARIN Marinara
MUSH Mushrooom & Wine
VOTOM Vodka Tomato

corn mushroom  

Cherchies Soups & Chowders

Whatever your preference our mouth-watering mixes will please you. Corn Chowder with vegetables, pasta & rice. Approx. 10 servings per package. Mushroom Chowder with vegetables, pasta & rice. Approx. 8 servings per package.

Price each $7.95

CHCC Corn Chowder
CHMC Mushroom Chowder



Olio Beato DeMarco

100% Organic, First Cold Extracted, Unfiltered Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil. Rated 10 out of 10 "EXCELLENT" by the Washington Post.

Olio Beato is produced without pesticides, from olives harvested in the countryside of the famous Valley of Bari, Italy. The art of importing the most exquisite Organic Unfiltered Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a family tradition , and has remained in the hands of the DeMarco family for at least a generation. This family legacy is the hallmark of quality of the Olio Beato brand. "Beato" (Blessed) is he who confirms it and "Beato" is he who chooses it. 25.5 fl.oz.



Vermont Peanut Butter

Avalanche - The name says it all. With a secret blend of white chocolate into ORGANIC peanuts....this is a surprising, powerful and unpredictable addiction to peanut butter. Get your fix. This one is a bit sinful, but hey you gotta live a little!

Maple Walnut - World famous Vermont Maple syrup carefully blended with fresh walnut chunks and aeromatic dry roasted peanuts. Yes, a new breakfast food has been created. Better yet, slice some apples and dig in on this one...simply scrumtious.

Mad River Mojo - Gorp is a hiker term for a combination of nuts, chocolate, berries and any other healthful and delicious mix you can come up with. Mojo has been described as any magic you can carry with you. This has anti-oxidant rich cranberries, omega 3 rich flax, ORGANIC almonds & peanuts blended with pure Vermont honey. Eat this peanut butter and you may experience the magic.

Chunky- 100% sweet, USA grown, freshly ground and aeoromatic peanuts. A hint of low sodium sea salt and no funny business! Super loaded with peanut chunks, making this a delicious meal unto itself.

Good Karma - Karma can be defined as "Cause and Effect". Well, the "cause" is putting super anti-oxidant rich and low sugar Dark Chocolate in with delicious dry roasted peanuts, and that will have a wonderous and happy "effect" on you. Thus creating Good Karma!

VPBA Avalanche $9.95
VPBMW Maple Walnut $9.95
VPBMR Mad River Mojo $11.95
VPBC Chunky $7.95
VPBK Good Karma $9.95


vermont fruit jams

Vermont All-Natural Fruit Preserves

These "fresh from the orchard" jams are packed with fruit and sweetened less than most so the flavor of the fruit comes shining through. 20 oz. jar.

HOCJ Cherry Preserves $8.95
HORJ Red Raspberry Preserves $8.95
HOSJ Strawberry Preserves $8.95
HOAJ Apricot Preserves $8.95
HO4 4-pack (1 of each flavor) $34.95

vermont fruit butters




Vermont Fruit Butters

These old fashioned butters are made with the finest fruits and vegetables and just the right amount of spices.  Add them to muffins, breads, pancakes or waffles for a special touch.  19oz. Jars.

HOAPB Apple Butter
HOPCB Peach Butter
HOPMB Pumpkin Butter

woods pure cider jelly




Vermont Old Style Cider Jelly

The Wood family has been pressing and boiling this cider jelly on the same farm for 120 years. It takes 50 apples to make just one pound of jelly. No preservatives, no added sugar, just a lip-smacking natural apple flavor. Made in Vermont.

CJ10 Cider Jelly 10oz.
CJ20 Cider Jelly 20oz.

village cannery

Vermont Organic Spiced Apple Butter

This old-fashioned organic spiced apple butter is a sugarless fruit spread that kids love, and adults crave. The ingredients are just Organic Apples, Organic Apple Puree, Organic Spices and Organic Caramel Color. It's great for sandwiches, waffles, crackers or just eating straight out of the jar. Net Wt. 17 oz.

VCSA Spiced Apple Butter

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