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vermont maple syrup

Vermont maple syrup is made from harvested maple sap that is boiled down, and bottled right here at the beginning of every spring.  From Gillingham's you get not only the best quality pure Vermont maple syrup, but also your choice of four grades.  For a description of each grade see Maple Syrup Facts.

Prices based on this year's crop. Supply of some grades may be limited.

Vermont Fancy Maple Syrup

MSPL Pint $15.95
MSQL Quart $24.95
MSHGL 1/2 Gal $42.95
MSGL Gallon $79.95
Vermont Medium Amber Maple Syrup
MSPM Pint $15.95
MSQM Quart $24.95
MSHGM 1/2 Gal $42.95
MSGM Gallon $79.95
Vermont Dark Amber Maple Syrup
MSPD Pint $15.95
MSQD Quart $24.95
MSHGD 1/2 Gal $42.95
MSGD Gallon $79.95
Highland Sugarworks Vermont Grade B Maple Syrup
MSQH Quart $24.95
MSGH Gallon $79.95

vermont maple syrup grading sampler




Vermont Maple Syrup Grading Sampler

Sample all four grades of pure Vermont maple syrup.  Grade A Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, Grade A Dark Amber and Grade B.  1.7oz jars.


GSV $12.95



Maple Syrup Jugs

The Maple Syrup Jug is a unique blend of country tradition and enduring usefulness. Handmade in Vermont, this sturdy stoneware serving and storage jug is lead free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable. To warm syrup, simply remove the cork and heat. 5 1/2 in. tall. $34.95 each.


vermont maple syrup




Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Maple syrup makes a great gift for any occaision.  These 8oz glass jugs are available in Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber and Grade A Dark Amber.    

Price each $8.95

MSHPL Fancy 8oz Glass
MSHPM Medium 8oz Glass
MSHPD Dark 8oz Glass

pure maple butter


Highland Sugarworks Pure Maple Butter

Maple butter is made with pure Maple Syrup, whipped into a butter-like consistency. Delicious as a spread on muffins, toast, biscuits and especially on pancakes and waffles. Makes a great dessert frosting as well. 8 oz. jars.  Price each $11.95

MBH Maple Butter

granulated maple sugar





Highland Sugarworks Granulated Maple Sugar

Pure granulated maple sugar is ideal for use in baked goods, coffee, or sprinkled on hot and cold cereals. Great in sauces, frostings and glazes, too.  1/2 lb bag.


maple flavored drops


Maple Flavored Drops

You'll never find a better tasting maple drop than this one! We've taste tested them all and none measured up to the full maple flavor of these. 5 oz package.





maple candy


Pure Maple Sugar Candy

Maple candy is an old-fashioned treat for those who desire the full maple flavor in candy form. These robust maple candies give the true essence of traditional maple flavor. Maple candy is made by boiling down maple syrup, stirring it and pouring it into molds for hardening. Pure maple candy is made from maple syrup and nothing else.

BF9B 9oz Box $18.99
BF4B 4oz Box $12.99
BFLL Large Leaf 1.5oz $4.99
BFPP Pocket Pack .77oz $3.99
BFM1 Men .75oz $3.49
BFM2 Maid .75oz $3.49

cream cookies


Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies

These delicious and unique Maple Cream Cookies are made with 100% pure maple syrup and will quickly become a family favorite. 18 cookies & 14oz



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