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vermont seasoning

Vermont Country Seasoning

An all natural seasoning containing salt and eight select herbs and spices.  Perks up the flavor of meats, fish, salads, breads, eggs & veggies. Set of 3 5oz containers.

VS VT Seasoning

maple pepper

Maple Pepper

Made with pure maple sugar.  Use these maple peppers just like you would black pepper on all your favorite dishes. We offer three types, if you like a little heat try the habanero.  Net Wt. 3oz.  Price each $9.95

MP Maple Pepper
GMP Garlic Maple Pepper
HMP Habanero Maple Pepper

balsamic seasoning

Cavalli Balsamic Seasoning

With extraordinary aroma and complex bouquet, a few drops of Cavalli seasoning imparts to dishes a sweet - sour fragrance and taste.  Use it on cooked or raw vegetables, in homemade mayonnaise, sauces and salads.  Use it to marinate poultry, game and meat.  Add Cavalli seasoning just before serving hot dishes to retain its exceptional aroma.  Net Weight 8.45 fl. oz.  Price each $29.95

CAVALLI Balsamic Seasoning





Parmesan Italian Dressing

A Gillingham family favorite for over 40 years, we simply couldn’t live without this dressing. A local Vermont specialty food producer is making a new version of the original Olde World recipe. The new Parmesan Italian Dressing is still a vivacious blend of parmesan cheese, cracked black pepper, oil, vinegar and spices, and is still undressed of artificial ingredients. Great on salads of course, but also wonderful on veggies and pasta or potato salads just use your imagination. 12oz. Price each $5.35


PID Parmesan Italian Dressing

fox mustard


Fox Hollow Farm Fox Mustard - More Than A Mustard!

Imported balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, molasses and brown sugar are the secrets that give this sweet and spicy mustard its distinctive flavor.  Made with 100% natural ingredients that contain only 5mg of sodium, this mustard makes a fabulous marinade, glaze or condiment for meat, poultry or fish.  Also perfect for sandwiches!  Price each $7.49

FOX Fox Mustard 8oz

green mountain salsa


Green Mountain Salsa

Fresh veggies equals fresh taste.  No preservatives or genetically modified ingredients.  Gluten free.  Available in mild, medium, hot and fire roasted garlic.  16oz.  Price each $5.95

GMSMI Mild Salsa
GMSME Medium Salsa
GMSH Hot Salsa
GMSRG Roasted Garlic Salsa

greens gourmet hot sauces



Greene's Gourmet Of Vermont - All Natural Hot Sauces

Dragon Fire - Pungent with ginger and fruity red habanero, this zesty sauce is unique in the hot sauce world. Fabulous on Caribbean and Asian cuisine, as well as making everyday food deliciously exotic!

Atomic Habanero - Delicious and powerful, the Atomic will delight any chilli head and anyone who wants to go hotter and still have awesome, more intense taste! The perfect marriage between heat and flavor, delicious on everything!

Texas Chipotle - Delicious medium hot sauce.  Great on Mexican and southwestern cuisine, in soups, stews, chili, tortillas, fajitas and tacos.  Especially good on fried shrimp.

GDF Dragon Fire
GAH Atomic Habanero
CHIP Texas Chipotle

richards bbq sauce



Richard's Barbecue Sauce

Each batch of Richard's Vermont Made Barbecue Sauce is blended with only the finest, quality ingredients.  The Mild is thick and hearty with a zesty, sweet taste.  The Hot is spiced up with a pinch of heat.  The Hottest has been zapped with the heat of cayenne peppers and finished with a hint of sweet brown sugar.   Net Weight 1lb 3oz.  Price each $6.95

RMBS Mild Barbecue Sauce
RHBS Hot Barbecue Sauce
RHTBS Hottest Barbecue Sauce


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